Hamster Water Bottle: A Quick Buyer’s Guide 

hamster water bottle

Don’t be like other new hamster parents who stand in the aisle of the pet store comparing hamster water bottles. Save the headache by knowing what you want before you go in this detailed guide! 

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What Is A Hamster Water Bottle?

A hamster bottle is a bottle with a long nozzle attached to the end. Inside this nozzle at the tip is a little ball. The bottle is designed to be hung upside down and attached to the side of a hamster cage. When filled with water, a hamster has access to water by drinking from the nozzle tip.

How Does A Hamster Water Bottle Work?

A hamster bottle is filled with water, and the cap (with the attached nozzle) is screwed on. The water bottle is hung upside down on the outside of a wire cage. When hanging the water bottle onto the cage, the nozzle is inserted in between the cage wires and positioned where a hamster can access the tip of it.

In the tip of the nozzle is a small ball. This ball is held in place by gravity to prevent the water from running out of the nozzle. When a hamster drinks, its tongue moves the ball up and around to allow water to pass through to drink. Once the hamster is done drinking, the ball falls back into place to prevent water from leaking out.

Do Hamsters Need A Water Bottle?

There’s a lot of debate about whether a water bottle is better to have for a hamster as opposed to having a water bowl. Some hamster parents may prefer one over the other for several reasons. 

Water Bottle Vs. Water Bowl

We have provided a comparison of a water bowl and water bottle to help you see what the differences are.

Hamster Water Bottle


Comes in various sizes from 4 oz. up to 32 oz.


It typically attaches to the exterior side of the cage. The nozzle end slips in between the cage wires to provide access to the interior of the cage.

Downside: If you don’t have a wire cage but are using a fish tank instead, you won’t be able to use the type of water bottle that attaches to the exterior cage side. You’ll either need to use a freestanding water bottle or a water bowl.

Ease of Access

If placed at the correct height, a hamster can access the nozzle end without any problem.

Downside:  It causes a hamster neck strain to drink from the nozzle end if not positioned low enough.

Cleaning and Water Changes

You don’t have to reach inside to access the water bottle for cleanings and water changes—less stress on your hamster.

Downside: Water bottles are a bit more challenging to clean.

Safety Concerns


Hamster Water Bowl


A hamster-size water bowl typically holds about 4 oz. of water. A freestanding water bottle/bowl combination also holds about 4 oz. of water in the bowl area while the water bottle acts as a standing reservoir with additional water (about 4-8 oz.)


A water bowl is placed on a flat surface within the cage.

Downside:  Some cages such as a fish tank (with deep bedding) may not have a flat area to place a water bowl.

Ease of Access

If placed on a flat surface with ample room, your hamster should have no problem accessing it. A hamster has less neck strain when using a water bowl.

Downside: Depending on how your cage is set up, your hamster may not be able to access a water bowl. 

Cleaning and Water Changes

Water bowls are easier to clean.

Downside:  Water bowls are very easy for your hamster to spill water. This can lead to wet bedding and a smelly cage. You have to reach inside the cage to access the water bowl for cleanings and water changes. More stressful for your hamster.

Safety Concerns

The risk of your hamster drowning or getting wet (causing chills, sickness) is higher with the use of a water bowl.

Are There Different Types Of Hamster Water Bottles?

Yes, hamster water bottles come in different sizes, colors, materials, and styles. The most important features to look for in a hamster water bottle are how much water it holds and what kind of material it is made of. Colors and designs should be secondary. 

Finding The Perfect Hamster Water Bottle

hamster water bottle selection

What kind of water bottle should I get for my hamster? There are a few things to consider.

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Placement


Hamster water bottles come in different sizes. Some are small, while others are large. So, why isn’t there one universal-sized hamster bottle? A water bottle capacity needs to meet the unique needs of the hamster and its owner. 

How Much Water Does A Hamster Require A Day?

According to Veterinary Partner, a hamster drinks about 10 ml of water for every 100 grams of body weight per day. That would roughly be about ½ teaspoon for every ounce a hamster weighs. 

  • Syrian hamsters weigh 4 ½ to 7 ounces, so they need about 2 ½ teaspoons of water per day. 
  • Dwarf hamsters weigh 1 to 2 ounces, so they need about ½ to 2 teaspoons of water per day. 

Keep in mind these are the minimum amounts of water. It’s better to have too much water rather than not enough. 

A 4-ounce water bottle holds 24 teaspoons of water which is more than enough for a Syrian or dwarf hamster. A common mistake hamster parents make is buying a larger-than-needed water bottle thinking bigger is better to avoid having to refresh/refill water so often. However, it’s this misconception that leads to problems with a hamster. 

A hamster should be given fresh, clean water daily (not when the water bottle runs out of water.) The longer water sits in a water bottle, the higher the risk of bacteria and other unwanted issues becomes. 


It’s important to consider what the water bottle is made of. This is because hamsters are notorious for chewing things. Any part of the water bottle within a hamster’s reach can easily be chewed on. Water bottles are either plastic or glass, so this should be carefully considered when selecting a bottle.

Merck Veterinary Manual warns against using a water bottle with a glass sipper tube (nozzle) because Syrian hamsters will bite/break the glass. This is not to say a glass water bottle should be avoided but rather the glass sipper tube itself. A stainless steel sipper tube should be used on a water bottle regardless of the hamster species because it’s safer.

Ease In Cleaning

Water bottles will require a bottlebrush tool to thoroughly clean the inside of one. You can find these in the baby bottle aisle in most brick-and-mortar stores. Grocery stores are more likely to have them either on the baby food or dish soap aisles.

When washing a hamster water bottle, use dish soap and warm water to clean. Adding a teaspoon of bleach to your dishwater adds an extra element of protection. Rinse it thoroughly.


Most hamster water bottles are designed to hang on the outside of a wired hamster cage. However, if you have a fish tank, hooks are available that are designed to hold a hamster water bottle for aquarium situations. There are also suction cup hooks available to hold the bottle on the inside of a fish tank.

The 4 Best Hamster Water Bottles

Let’s dig in and check out some five different types of hamster water bottles. We’ll take a closer look at their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Attaching Hamster Water Bottles

Water bottles that attach to the side of a wire cage are the most common hamster water bottles. These bottles come in plastic or glass and are clear or colored.

Cost: $-$$
Pros and Cons
  • Easy to attach on the side of a cage.
  • The clear bottles allow you to monitor the water level.
  • One can be used in a water bottle stand inside the cage.
  • Different attachment options make it easy to fit most any wire cage.
  • Not designed for use in a fish tank cage; requires an additional hook or suction cups to hang one.
  • Cleaning without a bottlebrush can be difficult.
  • Some may have plastic on the sipper tube that extends into the cage where the hamster can chew on it.
  • Colored or opaque bottles make it difficult to view water level.

Our top recommendation in the category: 

Choco Nose H128 No Drip Water Bottle from Amazon 

no drip hamster water bottle
Product image from Amazon

Hamster Water Bottles With Stand

This type of hamster water bottle is rather unique. A supporting stand holds the bottle upright. The stands may be made of wood or be ceramic with cute characters featured on it. 

Cost: $$-$$$
Pros and Cons
  • Add a whimsical element to the inside of a cage.
  • Most any plastic or glass water bottle will fit into the stand. 
  • Wooden stands may become soiled with urine and become smelly.
  • It takes up space inside the cage
  • It may not sit at the right height for the hamster to drink comfortably.
  • Can be pricey.

Our top recommendations in the category:

Ceramic no-drip hamster water bottle from Amazon 

ceramic hamster water bottle
Product image from Amazon

Wooden niteangel water bottle with stand from Amazon 

hamster water bottle with stand

Hamster Water Bottle Stand With Attached Bowl Combos

This type of hamster water bottle sits in a supporting stand that has an attached bowl that can be used to fill with treats or hamster food.

Cost: $-$$
Pros and Cons
  • Treats or food can be placed in the bowl. 
  • Adds a decorative element to a cage.
  • Most water bottles will fit in the stand.
  • Most of these stands are made of plastic which can pose a danger if a hamster chews on it.
  • It takes up space inside the cage.
  • There are extra components to clean in addition to the bottle itself.
  • It may not sit at the right height for the hamster to drink comfortably.

Our top recommendations in the category: 

3 in 1 Hamster Hanging Water Bottle Pet Auto Dispenser with Base from Amazon 

hanging hamster water bottle with a base
Product image from Amazon

Hamster Water Bottle Stand With Cooling Room Combo

This water bottle features a stand that holds a hamster water bottle. A little cooling room sits below the water bottle where the hamster can hide or “chill.”

Cost: $-$$
Pros and Cons
  • Provides a hiding place for a hamster.
  • Adds a bit of color and character to the inside of a cage. 
  • The stand is made of plastic which a hamster can easily chew on.
  • It takes up space inside of a cage.
  • There are extra components to clean in addition to the bottle itself.

Hamster Hideout Drinking Waterer 2-in-1 Water Bottle from Amazon

cool hamster water bottle
Product image from Amazon

How Do I Know If My Hamster Is Getting Enough Water?

Daily water checks (to ensure the water bottle functions properly) and refreshes help to ensure your hamster is getting plenty of water. Sometimes, water bottles may malfunction, preventing your hamster from getting the required daily amounts of water. The last thing you want is your hamster to go days without water because the sipper tube/nozzle ball is stuck.

How Do I Get My Hamster To Drink From The Water Bottle?

A hamster that’s never used a water bottle will need a little bit of coaxing. Put a tiny dot of peanut butter on the tip of the sipper tube to persuade them. You may need to do this several times a day. Be careful not to clog the tip of the sipper tube with too much peanut butter. 

How Much Does A Water Bottle For A Hamster Cost

Hamster water bottles range in price, making them very affordable for every budget. You can expect to pay $4.99 to $32.00 (USD) for a water bottle. 

The “Last Sip”

So there you have it, your guide to finding the best hamster water bottle! There’s one thing for sure, your hamster’s water source will never be boring or mundane with so many options.

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