How To Tell if Your Hamster Likes You? 7 Signs of Affection

cute white hamster in arms

It’s easy to see why hamsters are such popular pets. They’re cute and fun to be around, but they’re also not as easy to read as other animals. So, how can you tell whether your hamster likes you? 

Your hamster probably likes you if they: 

  1. Seek your attention or show off
  2. Run toward you when they see you
  3. Don’t resist physical contact
  4. Stay close to you when out of their cage
  5. Exhibit a relaxed body language 
  6. Stretch or yawn in front of you
  7. Seem to have become tamer since you owned them

This article will expound more on how to tell if your beloved hamster likes you. I’ll also explain how hamsters show affection and the best ways for their owners to show love. 

How Do Hamsters Show Affection?

If you’re a new pet hamster owner, you may be wondering how they show affection. Hamsters are not loud or expressive animals, and they show love differently from dogs and cats. 

Hamsters show affection by seeking your attention, showing off, and approaching the front of their cages when they see you. Other affectionate signs include staying in your hand when you pet them, stretching, yawning, and appearing relaxed. 

Pet hamsters show off in front of people they like because they want to share what gives them the most pleasure. This explains why you might see your hamster playing with their favorite toy or digging out their preferred snack when they notice you. 

If your hamster runs to the front of his cage when he sees you, there’s a good chance he likes you. This action means he’s happy to see you and wants you to notice him. 

Hamster body language is also a key sign in determining if they like you or not. If your pet hamster looks relaxed (i.e., he isn’t twitching, skittish, or freezing up when he sees you), he is likely happy and comfortable around you. Hamsters typically only stretch or yawn in front of people they like, and it may take a few months before your hamster feels comfortable doing this in front of you. 

cute little hamster playing in a tube

When you handle and pet your hamster, and he doesn’t run away or bite you, he probably likes you. 

Hamsters become tamer when they’re happy and comfortable. They also enjoy interacting with their owners, another key sign of affection. When your hamster has become tame, he’s likely to do the following: 

  • Eat food out of your hands
  • Won’t run away when you let them go
  • Seems to enjoy exploring your arms and nestling in your hair

Like all animals, each hamster is unique and some are shyer than others, and some may need more time to become used to you than others. 

Do Hamsters Like When You Talk to Them?

Hamsters like it when you talk to them as long as they understand that it’s your voice and positively associate it with you. If your voice is consistently low and soft when around your hamster, they’re more likely to enjoy it as they don’t like loud or high-pitched sounds. 

Pet hamsters are surprisingly intelligent and will soon learn your voice if you speak to them often. Some hamsters respond to their names and move toward their owners when called, even when they can’t see them. 

How Often Should I Hold My Hamster?

You should hold your hamster at least once a day so that he can become used to being handled. If you have a new hamster, keep the handling sessions short (five to ten minutes is usually perfect) and gradually increase the sessions’ length. 

Hamsters are nocturnal and dislike being woken up. You should, therefore, schedule play sessions in the early evenings or early mornings, just before they wake up or go to sleep. 

Always handle your pet hamster with care and try not to make any sudden movements as this can scare them. 

During the first few sessions, avoid touching your hamster too much and allow him to explore your hands and arms. When you feel that your hamster is becoming used to being held, you can introduce petting or stroking with your fingers. 

Do Hamsters Get Attached to Their Owners?

Owning a pet hamster can be very rewarding. But do hamsters like humans? 

Hamsters get attached to their owners over time, but they typically only bond with one or two humans. Handling your hamster gently and having regular play sessions with him can help to strengthen the bond and promote a meaningful relationship. 

Hamsters have poor vision but have a keen sense of smell and hearing. If you notice that your hamster runs to the front of his cage when you approach it, he likely recognizes your scent and voice. 

Do Hamsters Like To Be Kissed?

It’s tempting to kiss a hamster because they are so adorable! But do pet hamsters like being kissed? 

Hamsters don’t like to be kissed as it can startle them. Consequently, they may react in fear and bite you. Instead of kissing your hamster as a sign of affection, consider gently stroking him on the back with your fingers. 

Scaring off your hamster by kissing him can damage your relationship. Furthermore, he may develop trust issues and shy away from physical contact in the future. 

Hamster bites aren’t painful and don’t typically break the skin but it’s best to avoid them in the first place. 

Hamsters love gentle physical contact but only introduce petting once your hamster is used to being handled. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a little furry friend can be a very rewarding experience. They show affection in subtle ways, such as showing off or approaching the front of the cage when you approach. 

After a few weeks, you can start having short play sessions with the hamster to allow him to get to know you and get used to your voice as they like it when you talk to them. Make the sessions short to begin with, and then gradually lengthen them. 

Hamsters typically get attached to one or two humans and you can strengthen your bond by playing with your pet hamster regularly. 


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