Do Hamsters Have Periods? A Data-Backed Answer

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It’s good to know whether hamsters have periods or not, especially if you have a female hamster. Knowing what to expect can help you take the best care of your hamster. So, do hamsters have periods?

Hamsters don’t have periods, but they do have cycles. These are known as estrus cycles, and they last for approximately four days. Although hamsters don’t bleed during their estrus cycle, they may have some white discharge. They usually have their first cycle by the time they’re ten weeks old.

The rest of this article will discuss hamster cycles and how to care for your female hamster in greater detail. So, let’s talk about it. 

Do Hamsters Have Menstrual Cycles?

Hamsters have menstrual cycles, and they are known as estrus cycles. Hamster estrus cycles are quite different from human cycles as they are much shorter. Unlike humans, hamsters don’t bleed during their cycles. However, they do release a white discharge. 

A hamster period doesn’t exist since hamsters don’t shed their uterine lining. However, female hamsters still have a reproductive cycle. During the four-day estrus cycle, a hamster will enter estrus (not to be confused with the estrus cycle) for one day. 

Estrus is the equivalent of ovulating, whereas the estrus cycle pertains to the entire four-day process. When a hamster is in estrus, she will be willing to mate with a male companion. 

Generally, she will enter estrus during the night because hamsters are nocturnal. She will be in estrus for approximately 12 hours. 

Since she will enter estrus once out of the four days of her cycle, you can expect her to enter estrus a few times each month! Because of how quickly hamsters ovulate and re-ovulate, they are fast breeders.

Discharge Is Normal 

It is healthy for female hamsters to release vaginal discharge during their estrus cycles. Normal, healthy discharge should be white. It’s also normal for hamster discharge to be pungent – it is not always a sign of infection.

To learn more about different hamster smells and what they mean, check out this article.

However, discharge can sometimes indicate an infection or other issue. If your hamster is emitting yellow discharge, you should speak with a vet to get advice. Yellow discharge is usually a sign of infection, just like in humans. 

It Is Extremely Easy for Hamsters to Get Pregnant

Since hamster estrus cycles are so short, they have many chances to get pregnant each month. Additionally, they can get pregnant as early as five weeks old, so you should be careful if you have male and female hamsters in the same cage after your female has reached this age.

If your hamster gets pregnant, you can expect the pregnancy to last up to 22 days, and gestation generally doesn’t last much longer than this. However, Syrian hamsters tend to have slightly shorter pregnancies than dwarf hamsters. To learn more about the arrival of baby hamsters, check out this informative article.

Bleeding Isn’t Normal

Although it is normal for your hamster to emit one tiny spot of blood during her cycle, it is not normal for her to emit any more than this. If you notice lots of blood, this could be a sign of a severe health issue and should be addressed immediately with a vet.

The primary excretion during a cycle should be vaginal discharge, but it shouldn’t last for more than a day during each estrus cycle. 

Hamsters Can Go Into Estrus as Early as 24 Hours After Birth

During pregnancy, a female hamster’s cycle goes on hold. However, the hamster can go into estrus and get pregnant within 24 hours of the birth. So, as soon as a hamster gives birth, her cycle starts up again almost immediately.

If you have a male hamster and your female hamster has just given birth, you should keep them apart to avoid any more pregnancies (unless you want another litter, of course)!


Do Hamsters Experience Menstrual Cramps?

Hamsters don’t experience menstrual cramps. In humans, the uterus contracts to expel the lining (which is why there is blood), which causes cramps. Hamsters don’t experience uterus contractions or bleeding, so estrus isn’t painful.

If you are worried about your hamster’s wellbeing, or if it seems like she is in pain, you should speak with a vet for advice.

Why Is My Hamster Bleeding from its Bottom?

If your hamster is bleeding from its bottom, it might have an infection or illness. It may appear that the blood is coming from the bottom, but it may be coming from the vagina. In many cases, blood in the lower region indicates a UTI or pyometra. 

You should watch your hamster if you notice blood, as it generally isn’t normal. If it is pyometra, it could be a matter of life or death. Although pyometra is most common in female dogs, it can occur in female hamsters, too.

UTIs are not life-threatening in the early stages, but if the infection spreads, they can be life-threatening. 

Never assume that your hamster is bleeding because of her cycle. Bleeding is not normal, and you should treat it as a medical emergency in most cases.

What Age Do Female Hamsters Have Periods?

Hamsters don’t have periods, but they have their first cycle as early as five or six weeks old. As soon as they have their first cycle, they will continue to have them every four days for the rest of their lives. That means that hamsters can get pregnant as early as five weeks old.

Do Female Hamsters Bleed on Their Period?

Female hamsters don’t bleed on their period. However, vaginal discharge is normal. A tiny spot of blood shouldn’t be of concern, but if you notice a heavy or constant blood flow, your hamster is likely ill. Some infections can cause bleeding, which can spread if not treated.


There is no such thing as a hamster period; instead, they have estrus cycles. Each cycle lasts four days, making it easy for hamsters to get pregnant.

Here are the most important things to remember from this article:

  • Female hamsters shouldn’t bleed during their cycles.
  • Vaginal discharge is normal and should be white.
  • Generally, female hamsters enter estrus during the night once every four days. It lasts 12 hours.
  • Hamsters can get pregnant as early as 24 hours after giving birth.
  • Female hamsters can have their first cycle as early as five weeks old.
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